2-Ethyl Hexanol

2-Ethyl Hexanol (abbreviated 2-EH) is a fatty alcohol, an organic compound is a branched, eight-carbon chiral alcohol. It is a colorless liquid that is poorly soluble in water but soluble in most organic solvents. It is produced on a massive scale for use in numerous applications such as solvents, flavors, and fragrances and especially as a precursor for production of other chemicals such as emollients and plasticizers. It is encountered in natural plant fragrances, and the odor has been reported as “heavy, earthy, and slightly floral” for the R enantiomer and “a light, sweet floral fragrance” for the S enantiomer.

Substance name:2-ethyl-1-hexanol
Trade name:Ethyl Hexanol
EC no:203-234-3
CAS no:104-76-7
HS code:29051685
Synonyms:1-hexanol, 2-ethyl- / 2-EH (=2-ethyl hexanol) / 2-EH alcohol / 2-ethyl 2-hexan-1-ol / 2-ethyl hexanol / 2-ethyl hexyl alcohol / 2-ethylhexan-1-ol / 2-ethylhexanol / alcohol C8 / corexit 8814 / ethylhexanol / EXXAL 8 / FORMULA No 91270 / isooctanol (=2-ethyl-1-hexanol) / isooctyl alcohol (=2-ethyl-1-hexanol) / octyl alcohol (=2-ethyl-1-hexanol) / octyl alcohol(2-EH)(=2-ethyl-1-hexanol) / Substances with a flash-point above 60 °C and not more than 100 °C / Substances with a flash-point above 60 °C and not more than 100 °C, which do not belong to another class)

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