About Us

FS Foreign Trade has been placed in the market as one of the leading reputable firms, which focuses on quality, customer satisfaction, long term business relationships with its suppliers and customers.

IMPORTS: FS Foreign Trade imports and stocks products from producers, located in the different parts of the world. Liquid and solid products are imported as either packed and unpacked. In addition to its regular imported products, FS Foreign Trade also import specific products on customers’ requests.

EXPORT: FSforeigntrade exported chemicals to the neighboring countries initially. In addition to exporting the Turkish made products, FS Foreign Trade is actively involved in the transit trade as well.

FS Foreign Trade is able to store bulk and packaged products according to the product clasess. The firm also uses rented facilities located in the industrial zoness and ports nationwide to meet the sudden demands of the customers.

Deliveries of the products to the customers are planned and completed by the coordination of Sales and Logistics departments.

FS Foreign Trade creates supply chain solutions by sea, road,rail and airfreight methods as per customer needs and always aims timely deliveries with the highest quality standards.

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