Citric Acid Anhydrate

Citric Acid Anhydrate is an organic compound found among carboxylic acids. It is also known colloquially as lemon salt. Citric acid is found in the body fluids of many animals and in the content of many plants, especially citrus fruits. For example, lemon contains citric acid in its structure and this is the substance that gives these fruits their tartness. The pH value of citric acid is 3.5.

Citric acid is actively used in many fields of activity of the industry in order to meet the needs of the increasingly crowded world population. Citric acid has been used as an additive in our foods for several centuries and has a very important place in today's food industry.

How is citric acid produced?

Citric acid was first obtained by the Swedish scientist Carl Wilhelm in 1784 by crystallization of lemon juice, and it became used in many industries in a short time. Although citric acid is naturally abundant in citrus fruits and fruits, producing citric acid from these fruits is costly and difficult. Therefore, today, citric acid is produced from sugar by utilizing various yeasts and bacteria. Citric acid produced from sugar can be found suitable for use in many production and industrial areas.

What are citric acid reactions?

It is oxidized in substances such as citric acid permanganate, persulfate, periodate, manganese dioxide, nitric acid, hypochlorite, chromate.

Citric acid chelates/chelates with multivalent metal ions and gives different complexes. Therefore, citrate and citric acid are used to control metal contamination. While metal ions are normally colored, they become colorless or slightly colored when citrate is present. At different pH values, metal hydroxides may precipitate and the citrate complex may dissolve. In the case of metal ions, organic molecules can decompose catalytically, while citric acid can stabilize metal ions by forming a clamp. Chelate is an equilibrium reaction. Chelate ions and metal ions can always be found free together.

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