Aluminium Hydroxide

Aluminium Hydroxide

Product:Aluminium hydroxide
Substance name:aluminiumhydroxide
Trade name:Aluminium Hydroxide

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Aluminium hydroxide is made of aluminate solution through Bayer process, and is filtered.
Dry hydrate produced is shipped from Seydişehir facilities by means of Antalya port.
With ongoing investments at our facility having an annual production capacity of 400.000 tons, customer requests for special products will be met more easily.
Areas of Use  
​(1) Aluminium Sulphat
(2) Poly Aluminium Chloride
(3) Aluminium Fluoride
(4) Zeolite
(5) Sodium Aluminate
(6) In Insulation and Isolation Industry
(7) In Glass Industry
(8) In Petrochemical Industry
(9) In Textile Industry
(10) In Paint Industry
(11) Flame Retardants (ATH-  alumina trihydrate)