Aluminum Sulphate

Aluminum Sulphate

Product:Aluminum Sulphate
Substance name:Aluminum Sulphate
Trade name:aluminumsulphate

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Aluminum Sulphate is a chemical compound containing aluminum element and sulphate roots (sulfur and oxygen). It is a white crystalline material and rarely spontaneously formed in nature. In the case of industrial aluminum hydroxide is reacted with sulfuric acid is produced.

Aluminum Sulphate has been an important compound throughout history. Aluminum Sulphate together with potassium sulphate is also known as alum name in our country. It has a very important place in food, health, water treatment, fertilizer, feed industry and industrial production. Drinking water treatment is the most common use. Because it is a very good filtering agent, it is used for the process of removing undesired material from the environment by collapsing the production process.

As a pH regulator in agriculture it helps to enrich the soil with mineral.

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