Chlorinated Paraffin

Chlorinated Paraffin formulations are used in a wide range of industrial applications including flame retardants and plasticisers. The product functions as an additive in metal working fluids, sealants, paints and coatings.

Substance name:chloroparaffines, C14-17
Trade name:Chlorinated Paraffin
EC no:287-477-0
CAS no:85535-85-9
HS code:38122090
Synonyms:alkanes, C14-17, chloro / alkanes, C14-17, chloro; / C14-17, chloro alkanes / chlorinated paraffins, C14-17 / chloro alkanes, C14-17 / chloro, C14-17 alkanes / Environmentally hazardous substance, liquid, n.o.s.

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