Di Propylene Glycol n-Propyl Ether

Di Propylene Glycol n-Propyl Ether (DPnP) is a colorless liquid with an ether-like odor that evaporates slowly. It is used as a solvent and as a coalescent for water-borne latex coatings. It is
a component of cleaning formulations and of household and personal care products from which occupational and consumer exposure is likely.

Substance name:Dipropylene glycol N-propyl ether
Trade name:Dipropylene glycol N-propyl ether
EC no:249-949-4
CAS no:29911-27-1
HS code:29094990
Synonyms:DPNP;Arcosolv DPNP;ARCOSOLV(R) DPNP;propyldipropasolsolvent;5-Methyl-4,7-dioxadecane-2-ol;DI(PROPYLENE GLYCOL) PROPYL ETHER;1,4-

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