Xylene is a solvent, a mixture of three benzene derivatives, used in the printing, rubber, and leather industries. It is a colorless, sweet-smelling liquid that is very flammable. Uses: It is also used as a cleaning agent for steel and for silicon wafers and chips, a pesticide, a thinner for paint, and in paints and varnishes. It may be substituted for toluene to thin lacquers where slower drying is desired. It is found in small amounts in airplane fuel and gasoline.

Substance name:xylene, mixture of isomers
Trade name:Xylene
EC no:215-535-7
CAS no:1330-20-7
HS code:29024200
Synonyms:AMSCO / benzene, dimethyl- / byk 310 / dimethylbenzene, mixture of isomers / dimethylbenzol, mixture of isomers / formula No 00651 / mebon thinner type 2 / methyltoluene, mixture of isomers / mixed xylenes / paint / solvent xylene / violet 3 / xilenos / xylene / xylene, mixed isomers, pure / xylenes / Xylenes / xylol / xylol, mixture of isomers)

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